February Volunteer of the Month: Kristyn Hatley

Kristyn Hatley - AQWW Vol

There’s nothing we love more than celebrating the achievements of rock-star volunteers like our Volunteer of the Month, Kirstyn Hatley!

Kristyn came to the aquarium in September 2019 and hit the ground running. Donating over 165 hours of her time to the West Wing Galleries, Kristyn does everything from diet prep to cleaning tanks to learning about the various species in our West Wing. Kristyn is a dive master who is passionate about shark health and safety, and she lets it show throughout her volunteer duties. 

Kristyn’s supervisor, Christina Minniti, writes,

In the West Wing volunteers don’t just work with one aquarist in a single gallery. Kristyn has balanced support for 10 aquarists across two teams, caring for exhibits spread throughout the building from the basement to the 5th floor. She has been extremely dependable and is always willing to take on new tasks. Kristyn joined the West Wing team during an extremely chaotic time as we were renovating the Shark and Ray Touch Tank. She picked up tasks with ease and minimal direction, keeping the gallery running smoothly. Recently, she has been diving deep into cold water shark care and is once again assisting with a tank renovation, this time downstairs in S.O.S. Best of all, Kristyn’s easy going attitude makes her a joy to work with every day. 

Thank you to Kristyn and to all of our volunteers and interns for making the aquarium so great!

If Kristyn’s story has inspired you to serve and you’d like to volunteer with us at the New England Aquarium please visit http://serve.neaq.org/ for more details.


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