Volunteer of the Month: Carol DePetrillo!

“Thank you, Carol, for all you do to help make Saturdays a great day for visitors and Aquarium staff, volunteers, and interns alike!”


Volunteer of the Month: Eleanor Davison

“She has been a true champion; she seamlessly provides top-rate GOT talks and live animal presentations…”

Climate Change, the Oceans, and Why Voting Matters

Story by Mary Cerulli, live blue Service Leader Let’s build an army of consistent environmental voters who show up of local, state, and federal elections and ratchet up the pressure on politicians until they truly lead on climate change and healthy oceans. Don’t be part of the silent green majority any longer! NEAq promotes the…

Its the Little Things (Literally!)

By Renee Pavlovich, Volunteer Programs Intern   In every good story, there is a grabber, an intrigue; something that causes everybody to become excited about what will happen next. It introduces the hero(s) as they will exist in their impending journey of triumph. Throughout my Volunteer Programs Internship with Ryan Kingston, I have heard his…

Homeward Bound, Salamander Style

Story by Samantha Riffle, live blue(tm) Service Corps volunteer A great trek is happening right under our noses in the Boston area. My education in regards to animal migration was mainly through Morgan Freeman waxing poetic nostalgia over the march of the Emperor Penguin; growing up near the Sierras in California I was also told…

Volunteer of the Month: Dana White

“She is extremely well-liked by both her volunteer co-workers and staff, and she has quickly become a fixture of Sunday afternoons at the aquarium.”

Finding Freya

Story by Hannah Knighton  Northern Waters Intern.   Freya has finally figured out that my hand is not food, but a friend. The Giant Pacific Octopus was named by senior aquarist Bill Murphy after a Scandinavian goddess, as she’s been cold and standoffish ever since her August arrival at the aquarium. She had only recently…

Jump Your Way to Heart Health with Plastic Bags…WHAT?

Article by Rob Cuddi, live blue(tm) Service Leader I am standing in my basement with two more plastic bags to add to this growing mountain and scratching my head, questioning how this could happen. I must be looking at ONE HUNDRED crumpled bags stuffed into a large cloth shopping bag…it’s slapping me in the head…