October 2019 Volunteer of the Month – Lauren McKay

When working with the New England Aquarium – Quincy husbandry team, volunteers need to be quick on their feet and ready for anything. That’s what makes October’s Volunteer of the Month, Lauren McKay, such a stellar team member. Serving over 460 hours since July 2018, Lauren has put in the work to be the best volunteer that she can be. Her supervisor, Morgan Lindemayer-Finck, writes:
“The Quincy Husbandry team would like to nominate Lauren McKay for the Volunteer of the Month. Lauren began as a QACC volunteer in July of 2018 and has since proven her reliability and dedication. Before taking time off, Lauren always checks to see if we have enough volunteers, has switched her schedule to be able to continue volunteering during the summer and will often come in to help out just for fun. During her time at the aquarium Lauren has developed her leadership skills and we have come to rely on her to train many of her peers. She never falters when a protocol changes or is given a correction; this information is immediately folded into her routine and training of others. We are lucky to have her excellent work ethic and efficiency; Lauren is always ahead of schedule and takes on extra tasks without pause. We believe Lauren deserves to be Volunteer of the Month because she inspires fellow volunteers and staff with her positive ‘can-do’ attitude, respect and selfless nature.”

Congratulations, Lauren, on getting Volunteer of the Month!

If Lauren’s story has inspired you to serve and you’d like to volunteer with us at the New England Aquarium please visit http://serve.neaq.org/ for more details.

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