Volunteer of the Month: Jill Nolan

“Jill’s tireless dedication to the Rescue Team is extraordinary and something that everyone should strive to achieve.


Ban the Bag: How You Can Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Community

Story by Randolph Pfaff, live blue Service Corps volunteer In November of last year, Boston joined more than sixty municipalities in Massachusetts by banning the distribution of plastic shopping bags. This significant step toward creating a zero-waste city was applauded by environmental and conservation groups, along with concerned citizens who had pushed the Boston City…

Just Breath! A Turtle Emergency Response Volunteer Story

Story written by Rob Cuddi, Turtle Emergency Response Volunteer The Rav-4 was frigid as I nosed out of a tangle of blankets.  It was pre-dawn and still quite dark outside when one of the seasonal biologists tapped at my windshield. Heater on, steaming tea poured from my thermos, as Eran settled into the passenger seat….

A Turtle’s Journey: Small Turtles of MA

By Aleksandra Ostojic She peeked her head out of the dirt as the morning sun wrapped her face like a warm blanket. Her head followed her body as she cautiously wormed out of the nest she had dug the night before for her first ever clutch of 24 eggs. Several nights had been spent in…

Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehab Resources

Where to Learn More About Sea Turtles & Turtle Rescue By Randolph Pfaff, live blue Service Corps Volunteer   Every autumn, the New England Aquarium gears up to rescue and rehabilitate cold-stunned sea turtles stranded along Massachusetts beaches. These efforts are critically important for the conservation of endangered Kemp’s Ridley, loggerhead, and leatherback sea turtles….