Volunteer of the Month: Jessica Duncan-Groeneweg

“In my mind Jess epitomizes the ideal volunteer.”


Volunteer of the Month: Jacqueline Celata

“She has also excelled in her public presentations and visitor interactions. She is always striving for perfection and asking to learn more advanced skills. We are so lucky to have her as part of the team.”

Service Corps Stories: Braving the Whale-storm, by Emily Cross

Emily Cross has been a Service Corps volunteer since September 2015 and has contributed over 80 hours of service towards protecting the blue planet! Amazing, considering some of her obstacles. Here is her story: “I’m scared of whales. Terrified actually. Have I ever seen a whale in real life? No. And I know there is…

Service Corps Stories: Adventures in Volunteering, by Irene Chang

Irene Chang, a Service Corps member since September 2015 and a Service Leader since April 2016, has logged just over 100 volunteer hours. Her experiences in both joining and leading projects has given her a great perspective on the workings of this program. Her story needs little introduction, so read on!   “I was exhausted, cold…

Volunteer of the Month: Annie McDougall

“She is always kind and courteous to her fellow volunteers, and in the almost 9 months that she has been working at the aquarium she has been consistently present and prepared for work.”

live blue Service Leader of the Year Award Winner: Sharon Lowe

The first two Service Corps awards went to two of our 700+ volunteers that have participated in the Service Corps since 2013. The final award was created to recognize one of our Service Leaders for going above and beyond the call of duty. Service Leaders go through an additional level of training to learn about…

live blue Service Corps “Try Everything” Award Winner: Linda Carr

Linda is never one to shy away from a new project, or return to the same beaches every month for recurring cleanups. With over 200 volunteer hours logged with the Service Corps, Linda is looking forward to taking the next step in volunteerism by becoming a live blue™ Service Leader. We are certainly looking forward to having her continue her work with the Service Corps to share her stories and newfound expertise!

live blue Service Corps “Dedication to a Cause” Award Winner: Robert Cuddi

Robert, a Service Corps volunteer since October 2015, has accrued over 150 hours of service through the program, many of them spent helping the Rescue and Rehabilitation team during the 2015 turtle stranding season. He has certainly worked hard and continues to show his dedication to the protection of sea turtles (and the rest of the ocean!), making him more than deserving of this award.