June 2019 Volunteer of the Month – Alex Merkle-Raymond

For over two years, Alex Merkle-Raymond – “AMR” to her colleagues – has brought an incredible energy and work-ethic to the Giant Ocean Tank team. Alex started at the New England Aquarium as a co-op student and loved her experience so much that she decided to stick around. She is always ready to help out with the Giant Ocean Tank staff, whether that entails making garlic jello for the fish or getting ready for a dive. After 257 hours of service, we can’t say “Thank you” enough to our very own AMR. Alex’s supervisor, Chris Bauernfield, says:

“Without my volunteer we would never get any of the small mundane side projects completed that sit at the bottom of our to-do lists. Alex literally – and I mean literally – begs us for projects when she has a few spare minutes. A typical conversation you might overhear:

Staff A: “Oh we should get that finished soon.”

Staff B: “It can wait until Tuesday – Alex will be in.”

Congrats to Alex for her tireless service with New England Aquarium!

If Alex’s story has inspired you to serve and you’d like to volunteer with us at the New England Aquarium please visit http://serve.neaq.org/ for more details.

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