Volunteer of the Month: Karen Hurley!

Congratulations to our February 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Karen Hurley!

Starting in August of 2018, Karen has been volunteering for the Tropical Gallery Aquarist Volunteer Department for about seven months, donating more than 170 hours of her time! She spends her days working on food prep, scrubbing and disinfecting everything in her area, and helping take care of our tropical fish galleries. Karen is able to answer any questions that her coworkers have, making her a stand out volunteer staff member at the aquarium. From our tropical oceans to environmental issues, Karen has got you covered! You can always ask her to take on whatever you need and she will gladly volunteer with a positive outlook. If you happen to visit the aquarium on a Saturday, make sure you look out for Karen and ask her a few questions. Brianne Dent, Karen’s supervisor, showed why Karen truly deserved volunteer of the month when she wrote:

 “I rely on my volunteer to help keep my Saturdays running smoothly!  Karen came on as a volunteer during a fairly hectic and busy time in the gallery.  She has quickly become a valuable addition to Saturdays!  She was quick to learn every task she has been given and has single handedly kept all the animals in the Tropical gallery fed and all their exhibits clean while the gallery is undergoing renovations!  With things changing every week, she easily adapts to all the additional work that has been asked of her and always does so with a smile on her face.  All of the animals are in good hands when she is here!  She is always eager to learn anything she can and will always take the extra few minutes to make sure a particular fish is eating or a certain tank is as clean as she can get it.  She is always dependable and hasn’t missed a single shift since she started volunteering!  She is a true pleasure to have in the gallery and Saturday’s just would not run as smoothly as they have been without having her around!

Congratulations again to Karen Hurley on her stellar service and commitment to our mission of “protecting the blue planet.”

If Karen’s story has inspired you to serve and you’d like to volunteer with us at the New England Aquarium please visit http://serve.neaq.org/ for more details.

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