Climate Change, the Oceans, and Why Voting Matters

Story by Mary Cerulli, live blue Service Leader

Let’s build an army of consistent environmental voters who show up of local, state, and federal elections and ratchet up the pressure on politicians until they truly lead on climate change and healthy oceans. Don’t be part of the silent green majority any longer!

NEAq promotes the importance of protecting the blue planet through exhibits, education, conservation, and research. As a volunteer, intern, staff, or even visitor, you’ve probably talked to friends and family about small individual actions you can take to protect our oceans. Our biggest impacts, however, come from community-level solutions in which our collective voices can create change. One easy way you can work towards community-level solutions is by working with Environmental Voter Project, a high-impact nonprofit that has demonstrable results in propelling registered environmentalists to the polls.

The most serious stress on the oceans today comes from our dominant way of producing energy – fossil fuels which includes fracked gas, coal, oil, and so on. As the stress on the oceans increases we have already experienced devastating effects – declines in coral reefs, species extinction, toxic chemicals, and rising seas, just to name a few.

We all have a responsibility to protect the oceans from these effects – and we can use our voting right to do so. In local elections and at the federal level, our legislators set policy and incentives for clean energy and energy efficiency. They debate and can mandate infrastructure for bikes and electric cars, buses and trains. These legislators have the power to make sure there is environmental justice for all communities. But politicians will always go where the votes are, and right now most environmentalists don’t vote, thus, politicians consistently ignore or devalue us and our priorities. We can use our vote to ensure that our legislators take climate change and the oceans into account when setting policy.

Source: Environmental Voter Project 2017 Impact Report

The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) is a non-partisan nonprofit that does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates. EVP is running a sophisticated, national voter pledge campaign where they ask people to pledge online saying that they’ll vote in every election and always prioritize environmental issues. EVP then follows up with each person before every election where they are eligible to vote to remind them of their pledge with carefully tested messaging designed to create good voting habits. EVP is committed to Get-Out-The-Vote for the long run. And they are having results!

The time is now to get our voices heard in our communities and at the state and national levels. Find out more and take the pledge through the links below!

You can volunteer to phone and text bank with the Service Corps! Future dates will be posted here when they become available.


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