Volunteer of the Month: Catherine Morse

Congratulations to our August 2017 Volunteer of the Month: Catherine Morse!

Many individuals ask me what does a great volunteer need to have in order to be successful at the New England Aquarium. The easiest answers include hard work, dedication, adaptability, and determination to name a few. Often the hardest part of recruiting exceptional volunteers is finding those with the right temperament. While these other attributes can be picked up finding the right fit for the right team can be difficult. One volunteer who embodies all of these outstanding attributes and more is Catherine Morse.

Here’s what her supervisor Bill Murphy had to say about her service:

“I’d like to nominate Catherine Morse for volunteer of the month. Through her time here she has been an outstanding volunteer. She has been very punctual and always gives me a heads up if she’s not going to make it in. She has been very quick to pick up on her tasks and very thorough with completing them.  She may be on the quiet side but her wit and sense of humor pairs well with mine and we get along great.  She’s been great at working with other interns and vols when collecting and in projects in the galleries.  I’m always glad to have her in on Thursday and she truly helps make my end of the week go by smoothly. Catherine, truly deserves this recognition and my praise!

Congratulations once again to Catherine Morse on her service and commitment to our mission of “protecting the blue planet.”

If Catherine’s story has inspired you to serve and you’d like to volunteer with us at the New England Aquarium please visit http://serve.neaq.org/ for more details


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