Volunteer of the Month: Annie McDougall

Congratulations to our November 2016 Volunteer of the Month: Annie McDougall!

November is the time of the year to reflect on the things for which we are thankful. Volunteer of the Month is just one of the initiatives designed to show our appreciation for our volunteers excellent service. What better month than for us to celebrate volunteer service then? This November we honor the steadfast commitment of Annie McDougall of the Visitor Education department.

Annie joined us this past year and has quickly become a reliable and attentive addition to the Visitor Education team on Sundays. Here is the nomination about Annie from her supervisor Matt Duddy:

“I would like to nominate my volunteer Annie McDougall for volunteer of the month.  Annie is reliable, flexible when it comes to changes in her schedule, and just generally awesome when interacting with aquarium visitors.  She is always kind and courteous to her fellow volunteers, and in the almost 9 months that she has been working at the aquarium she has been consistently present and prepared for work.  Annie truly exemplifies the demeanor and drive of an effective NEAQ educator.”

Congratulations once again to Annie McDougall on her stellar service and commitment to our mission of “protecting the blue planet.” 

If Annie’s story has inspired you to serve and you’d like to volunteer with us at the New England Aquarium please visit http://serve.neaq.org/ for more details.


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