live blue Service Leader of the Year Award Winner: Sharon Lowe

The first two Service Corps awards went to two of our 700+ volunteers that have participated in the Service Corps since 2013. The final award was created to recognize one of our Service Leaders for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Service Leaders go through an additional level of training to learn about local environmental issues, the importance of volunteer service, and how we can design projects to better our volunteer community and our local environment. Leaders then have the ability to design and implement their own projects and lead those organized by the Aquarium and partner institutions. Every leader has their own style, interests, and passions, with the option to get as involved as they like.

A few Service Leaders consistently lead pre-planned projects, work with partners to design their own, and actively support other projects in any way they can. These Service Leaders are rock stars. Without them, the Service Corps simply wouldn’t exist as we know it.

Sharon Lowe is an exemplary Service Leader that has not only improved the quality of the live blue Service Initiative overall, but also the lives of the volunteers she leads. Sharon provides a welcoming atmosphere to all of our volunteers that participate in the Stewardship Saturday projects on the Boston Harbor Islands. By returning to this project every month, Sharon has become a trusted member of the team for both the seasoned staff of the National Park Service and brand new volunteers.

In addition, Sharon, a resident of Concord, MA, has fostered a strong partnership between the Aquarium and Grassroots Wildlife Conservation, a small nonprofit based in Concord. Working with this partner, Sharon has led projects with the goal of restoring native plants to local parks with the goal of providing habitat for state-listed Blanding’s Turtles and other native wildlife.

As a former Visitor Education volunteer and Marine Mammal Husbandry volunteer, Sharon continues to bring new perspectives to our cohort of Leaders. As the program continues to grow and new Service Leaders are trained, we know she will continue to be a vital part of the team.



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