live blue Service Corps “Try Everything” Award Winner: Linda Carr

While the first live blue™ Service Corps award featured a volunteer that has put in many hours into a single cause, the second is meant to highlight a volunteer that has spent many hours divided amongst a variety of causes. The Service Corps connects volunteers to a number of organizations working on habitat restoration, coastal cleanups, invasive species removal, and educational outreach, just to name a few.

In 2016, Linda Carr could be found removing derelict fishing gear on the rocky coast of Gloucester, restoring habitat in the dunes of Crane Beach, educating kids at the New England Right Whale Festival, wrestling with invasive plants on the Harbor Islands and the Charles River, maintaining trails in the Blue Hills, and collecting surveys from visitors here at the Aquarium. Back in 2015, this volunteer also assisted our Rescue and Rehab team during last year’s stranding season, helped create exhibit pieces for the new octopus exhibit, and volunteered at various Aquarium events.

Linda Carr is simply a poster child for the Service Corps, taking advantage of as many opportunities as she can to get involved. In a blog post she wrote back in January, she puts the program into a great perspective:

“At the Neponset River cleanup we had big finds. The Service Corps crew dug out tires, wheels, commercial signage, etc. from a marshy area near the river. I had never been to any of the Boston Harbor Islands and now I‘ve been to several, each different from the other. I have learned so much about the natural native plants versus the invasive plants that walking down the street now becomes an I-Spy game of recognizing invasives.  I volunteered at the Halloween party at the main building. So odd for me, working with children and having so much fun working this event.  Next was signing up for the Turtle Emergency Rescue Volunteer program….. This was where the magic that had been happening all along became evident.  I have so much respect for the staff and the organization that works with Wellfleet Audubon, whose volunteers tirelessly roam the beaches at high tide looking turtles beached.”


Linda is never one to shy away from a new project, or return to the same beaches every month for recurring cleanups. With over 200 volunteer hours logged with the Service Corps, Linda is looking forward to taking the next step in volunteerism by becoming a live blue™ Service Leader. We are certainly looking forward to having her continue her work with the Service Corps to share her stories and newfound expertise!


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