Volunteer of the Month: Friday Afternoon Visitor Education Team!

Congratulations to our September 2016 Volunteer(s) of the Month: The Friday Afternoon Visitor Education Team!

Autumn is a superb time to cheer your team on to victory in a new season of sports. Folks from the Boston area are especially lucky to have a host of many extraordinary players and teams to choose from.  The Aquarium is no exception in this regard and we are happy to announce that the entire Friday Afternoon Visitor Education Volunteer Team is the winner of the September Volunteer of the Month Award. Our winners are April Dennis, Cheta Siletti, Christine van Gemert, Jerry Campbell, Laura Lewis, Lauren Anderson, Lily Weitzman & Ruddy Ligonde!

Here’s what their supervisor, Sam Herman, had to say about their teamwork:

“It may seem a bit non-traditional, but I’d like to nominate my entire Friday Afternoon Volunteer Crew for “Volunteer(s) of the Month!” I’ve been a floor manager in Visitor Education for seven years and have had the pleasure of working with some really wonderful volunteers, but the way this afternoon crew has bonded together has been pretty amazing to watch. Beyond the fact that they just do a great job on the floor and engage our visitors extremely well, they’ve also meshed outside of the Aquarium. As a group they have had a lot of personal challenges going on over the last few years and they’ve leaned heavily on each other. From hospital visits to cat sitting to even providing homecare (Christine is an RN) they’ve really been there for one another. There’s a nice mix of tenures – Jerry has volunteered for 21 years while Lauren just passed 6 months – but they all seem like they’ve known each other forever. On a personal note, I’ve also loved the opportunity to meet their significant others, friends, children AND grandchildren when they’ve come in to visit! As graduations approach I wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to recognize this group and thank them not just for all their hard work, but also for their friendship and – perhaps most importantly – for all the laughs. “

Congratulations to every member of the Friday Afternoon Visitor Education Team for proving what it means to “protect the blue planet” while forming lasting friendships and enriching our sense of community here at the New England Aquarium.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beth Duane says:

    Congrats Chris and entire Friday Afternoon Team!


  2. Laura Lewis says:

    Sam, we were all able to form these friendships with your help…you are compassionate and caring, that’s very contagious!! I honestly never thought I could feel so fufilled in a volunteer position (that didn’t involve my family)! We are all so fortunate to have you as our Friday manager!!


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